Live Fact Presents:

The Sonic Stories of Deepset

About The Project

This live video is part of a crowd funding project conceived by LIVE FACT, to enable the venue to stay afloat as well as to stay connected with the artists and their fans during this trying times.

There’s nothing like the real thing when it comes to seeing the historical musical moments and hearing the in-depth stories of a band or an artist, which is where documentaries (rockumentaries)  come in: At Live Fact, we have the privilege and advantage of capturing these artists onstage, backstage or behind the scenes, coupled with interviews and chronological surveys of the band’s career and ultimately to produce a series of concert films and rockumentaries that brings back the fun and memories of a live music experience.

Filmed by: Wong Yok Teng, Bee Wong, Teoh Eng Hooi
Edited by: Teoh Eng Hooi
Audio Engineer: Eric Wong
Lighting Engineer: Samuel Lee
Produced by: Live Fact

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About Deepset

The epic and atmospheric soundscapes of Malaysian post rock titans Deepset often takes listeners through an emotional roller coaster ride. Many of their songs are expansive – they come to an average length of 8 minutes – as the band takes their time to explore and build sonic stories with surging sensibility and resonating introspection.

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